Florian Baron is a filmmaker who lives and works in Berlin. In his project STRESS, young veterans who were serving in Afghanistan or Iraq tell stories of their experiences in war and of readjusting to civilian life back home. Florian will talk about his visual approach to explore the complex nature of trauma.
Food structures our time and activities, conveys relationships and identities and has far-reaching influences on many parts of private and public life. Writing on food fills many bookshelves and magazine columns – but is there too much food in food writing nowadays? In this talk, Anke discusses her experience with reading and writing about food, how food writing can draw something universal out of everyday experiences, and what authors and texts ought not to be missed.
Anke has managed restaurants and bars in Dublin and headed public relations for Slow Food Germany in Berlin for several years. She holds an MA in Food Studies and Communication, a degree in English Literature and an Advanced Certificate in Wine and Spirits, and she will begin a research PhD on Humour in Food Writing in the autumn of 2017. Her writing on food, society and sustainability has been published in zitty, Slow Food Magazin, and Politico.
Florian Baron
Anke Klitzing