Lisa Overmann
Yuka Sagai
Lavinia Xausa
Lisa Overmann (Münster, 1981) studied visual communication at ArtEZ – University of the Arts Enschede, NL and has worked in the field of design, communication and branding during the last decade. Her alter ego Basic Instinkt was born 4,5 years ago, when she discovered a peculiar advertisement inviting women for a 'fresh meat day'. Little did she know, the athletic full-contact sport Roller Derby would be her new passion/pain/provocation and introduced her to an extraordinary 8-wheeled-community.
Yuka Sagai is a vegan/vegetarian/macrobiotic cook from Hokkaido, Japan.
Her family back home has been making home made miso and passed it from generation to generation over 100years. She would like to give you some tips of making your own and using miso for your daily cooking.
Miso is a traditional Japanese seasoning paste by fermenting soybeans.
The most popular dishes is miso soup and it contains all essential amino acid etc.
Lavinia Xausa (Bassano del Grappa, 1992) is experiencing the city like a young teenager in love for the first time. After two months of residency by Belius Foundation in Moritzplatz, she will tell us the experiences, the researches and the encounters of a messy wayfarer in Berlin. Lavinia is a photographer based in Rotterdam currently researching at the Master program at AKV St. Joost. She is committed to combine her knowledge in Contemporary Art and Media Semiotic with a motley practice based on the concepts of Trans-media storytelling and Convergent culture. Through the use of texts, videos, essays, pictures and found footage, she aims to achieve the perfect perspective on her thoughts, stories and considerations. Currently engaged with the definition of convergence, she aims to involve the urban community into her projects, reconsidering the role of the artist within the community.