Fatima Camara
Martin Skauen
Christina Kral
Christina creates site-specific, sculptural objects and installations—proposals that investigate the transformative potential of everyday objects and routines. She works as solo artist, in temporary collaborations, and as permanent member of the Finnish-German artist collective YKON. As part of the Hybrid Publishing Group she explores new forms of knowledge production and dissemination with open source technologies.
Camara released her debut album in April 2016 on Parachute records. Canadian born to a large Portuguese family, she now resides in Berlin.
As producer and writer, the sound she has cultivated exists as a collage of the diverse musical influences that have defined each chapter of her storied life: bass guitar lines wrought with the new wave sound that marked her formative adolescence, drums that echo the electronic music she migrated to during her early adulthood in Toronto’s dance music scene, and an overriding melancholy that signals the conflicted feelings she has when considering the thin layer of dust that has collected upon her chair at the family dinner table since she made her move to Berlin.
Martin Skauen is a Norwegian artist living in Berlin and Oslo. Surrealism, tragedy and humor are main ingredients in his work, be it large scale figurative drawings, video performance or painting. At converses he will talk about his Instagram project and his daily posting of absurd art world commentary, erotic surrealism and other absurdities in modern culture.