Renata Keller
Vincent Chomaz
Guido Pacini
As a young girl Renata asked herself the question what it would be like to ‘look out of her own eyes’. This question has followed her through her whole life and has led her to travel and live in various places around the globe and experiment with the question what it is like to be a self-authorised, creative (schöpferischer) human being, in dialogue with life and others. Renata is a film maker, artist and dialogue facilitator, currently CEO and art director of the magazine ‘evolve’.
Vincent Chomaz is an artist and cultural operator interested in associative
and informal forms of knowledge production and dissemination. Spanning installations, workshops, publications, formats of co-production, and interventions, his work focuses on listening as a social, political, and aesthetic practice—an associative and empathic tool to investigate collective dynamics as a network of subjective narratives and memories.
Guido is an Italian statistician who is very fascinated by Genetics studies. In 2016 he moved to Berlin to start a PhD project focused in understanding the genetic differences between the sexes since the very earliest stages of embryonic development. After a few cellular divisions, every cell composing the female embryo (XX) randomly selects and transcriptionally silences one of the two X chromosomes, in a process known as X chromosome inactivation (XCI). This irreversible process results in genetic mosaicism for females, as every cell composing their organism will only have a single active X chromosome. This process can be explored through the analysis of imaging and transcriptomics data from in vitro embryonic stem cells, with the aims of identifying the key regulators of XCI and to understand how this may affect the following cell-differentiation stage in both males and females.