Maayan Nidam
Perttu Ratilainen
Jeanne Bénony and Florent Lévêque
Fascinated by the body’s own ability to heal itself, I experimented with fast mimicking diets, intermittent fasting and prolonged fasting (over 48 hours). My last fast lasted three weeks. For 19 days my sole intake was of water and only in the last 3 days I consumed broth before slowly going back to eating.
For the past few years I experienced waves of severe pain and discomfort when digesting. My instinct was to stop eating, an obvious choice to an animal but less obvious when one grows up with fear of death in the case of a missed lunch.
Later on I Learned about the connection between the gut and the mind and made a connection between my stress levels and inability to digest properly. I set myself new goals. My plan was to give the gut a long break and by doing so, heal and regenerate it, hoping that would help me get mental clarity and assist in lifting my mood from depression and anxiety. My thought was that by feeling relaxed I will be able to digest properly again.
In this talk I’m hoping to share some practical knowledge and tips to a successful water-fast as well as my personal impressions from this intense experience, the highs and the lows that come with such deep work and most importantly, share my journey to a stronger connection between body and mind.
Paper planes e.V. believes that increasing urbanization brings with it great opportunities. If we manage to make the right investments in our cities, it will not only be possible to make our everyday environment more livable, but we can also tackle today’s major global challenges.
Perttus will speak about Radbahn Berlin, transforming the forgotten space along Berlin’s famous U1 elevated subway line into a major urban thoroughfare and create a space for contemporary mobility, innovation and leisure.
Jeanne Bénony, architect. Graduated from Paris-Belleville school, 2012.
Florent Lévêque, architect. Graduated from Versailles school, 2014.
After working for a while in Paris, they moved to Berlin to live and work.
Since 2015, in parallel with collaborations with various agencies, they develops their own concepts and reflections within Commun Architecture, a Paris and Berlin based office of architecture, urban-planning and research.