Alanna Lawley
Sylvie Kürsten
Maria Vittoria Monaco
Alanna Lawley seeks to absorb her environment’s physical terms, creating site-specific architectural constructions that develop the notion of architecture as a mediated, inaccessible and therefore uncertain experience. In 2018, Lawley has begun to explore the concept of space as a potential healing modality and her intuitive paper works are a direct and honest response to the psychology and personal relationship with female health and our personal relationship with our (female) body through painting and drawing. Through this process she has begun to provoke new attitudes towards how we heal and what is necessary in the process of healing to drive her practice.
Every minute there are 400 hours of video material uploaded on youtube. Who needs another film, another documentary then? Is it time for an iconoclastic Bilderverbot or at least a visual diet or how can we create a trustful imagery in an era of a rising flood of images, that's corrupted by filters, fake news and algorithms? Questions of a filmmaker, skeptical about her next project.
Another Italian Architect based in Berlin, exploring the two sides of this practice: Alternating periods of standard 40h a week office work in Berlin and developing personal projects with local communities in Camerun, Nepal and Magadascar, which she accomplished together with her partner during the last 4 years.