Annika Hirsekorn
Andreas Loh
Marius Wenker
Annika Hirsekorn is a curator and producer. Her research focus is drawn to the field of memorial culture. With a series of interventions and activities titled "Encounter With Monument" she is exploring possible ways of participation in landscapes of memory and how to alter dominant narratives of power through interdisciplinary practices.
Marius Wenker is a Typographer and Illustrator based in Berlin.
He is the creator of the next Conversas Berlin publication! And we are as curious as you are to see what he made of it. It will be special that is for sure!!
Andreas Loh is a Berlin based Composer and Pianist. He studied music for percussion and piano at the University of Music in Leipzig. He also practiced Yoga since 1999 and is the founder of Tala Yoga and Yoga Piano. He travels all over europe to teach yoga workshops and presents his music in extatic solo Piano Concerts.
Its all about music! The connection of being alive - listening - heart - mind - hands and yoga.