Vanessa Brazeau will speak about her artistic practice, which currently implements social and political themes into athletic frameworks in order to critique neo-liberal mentalities of the body, competition, productivity and labour.
PV-Prosumers4Grid (PVP4Grid) is an EU-funded project involving partners from 7 European countries, beginning in 2017 and running until 2020. The main objective of PVP4Grid is to increase the share and value of solar power by enabling all kind of consumers to become prosumers (producers-consumers) of electricity from solar photovoltaic (PV) in a system-friendly manner.
Born in Hungary (1979), traveled the world. Holds an MA in Journalism. Built a film production company and moved on. Directed and produced a few documentary films, but not enough yet. Passionate, caring, responsible, imperfect. Loves humankind and motion picture. Takes no bullshit. Searches for the Buddha in you. Currently resides in the loving city of Berlin. During Conversas Lorand will share his project Speakeasy. A series of intimate mini portraits relating to universal subjects told by the most diverse human inhabitants of the city, which binds, influences, and holds them in a moving and unrepeatable way.
Vanessa Brazeau
Moira Jimeno
Lorand Balazs Imre