Karan Mathur
The story of textile is the story of civilization. Textile is also the perfect symbol for an understanding of Space and Time in the life a people, and their relationships with cultures and societies beyond their own. I wish to share certain examples of textile that have been produced in the same way for over thousands of years, and demonstrate their significance to the human experience within and without India.
Reality is a construction made by the senses, experiences and circumstances. How can we understand each other using references that are not absolute. Is subtle ambiguity another obstacle to communication? Or is the lack of possible objectivity a tool to make us more aware of each other? Joana Lucas is a portuguese visual artist living in Berlin since 2005. She focuses her practice on the discovery of images which are on borderline situations.
Joana Lucas
Julia Tietze
What in ourself is a projection and what happens when we are oblivious to these projections? What happens when we incorporate ourselves into that which is foreign, handling it as something that is exposed or rejected? Projections are not fake, the prism exists, through which we see the ambitions, opinions, longings and experiences, the constitution of our world outlook. Variously shaped, polyvalent, always in a different light, in evolution, in change. (POPOVA / POLYLUX Collection). Julia Tietze is a cultural scientist and a fashion designer. She creates her own designs under her brand POPOVA.