Alejandro Camacho
Isi Wagner
Hanna Mattes
It is difficult to believe that anybody could be protected against HIV with just taking a pill per day. But it is not science fiction, PrEP is an extended reality in countries like EEUU or Canada. What is PrEP, who can take it and whether it is healthy are the questions that first come to anybody’s mind when the topic is brought to the table.
Hanna Mattes is a visual artist working mainly in experimental, analog photography. She builds installations, performs in her photos, makes collages and paints on her negatives. Her new project “The Solar System” looks at mythologies as being somebody’s truth. She photographed the solar eclipse in the US and a mountain range in Chile, which is tightly related to the indigenous mythology and wrote texts explaining her own personal mythology which relates metaphorically to the solar system.
Isi studied comparative religious studies, a well kept secret at times. Not aware of how this would forever change her party conversations into hour long confessions by strangers. Everyone wants a confirmation about the validity of their personal world view.