Scent Club Berlin
Stephan Mörsch is a visual artist, building models of real existing architecture on a scale of 1:10. While searching for buildings worth copying on real journeys or forays through the WWW, he repeatedly encounters models of real architecture that appear in religious and political contexts and are used in processions and demonstrations. He will show a selection of this search from the Middle East and Europe over the last 2000 years.
There are many ways in which we humans have evolved to adorn our bodies and present ourselves. What about that invisible force called scent? During this conversation Scent Club invites you to dive into the olfactory realm, that which transforms our experience of life even without we noticing it.
Plotting the Path is the launching event for the books produced by George Anghelescu, Adrian Preda, Lea Rasovszky and Ștefan Ungureanu. The project revolves around the direct connection of the artist books with a series of works which have become intimately iconic to them and their development.
Stephan Mörsch
Ioana Marinescu and Ștefan Ungureanu
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