Kristof Geilenkotten
In a permanently changing world our existing reflexes to focus on "knowledge" and "Skills" help us only in the short term. That is why so many people are not satisfied in their job. ​We believe that we need to focus more on affinity (want to do) instead of the what can you do. We have implemented the affinity model successfully in a large company (440 people) and in different start- and scale-ups and we like to get your feedback"
Berlin resident Diego Moreno, a native of Monterrey, Mexico, was intrigued and indeed fascinated by the longstanding tradition of distilling handcrafted mezcal. Thus he traveled to Oaxaca in 2013. His task was to find a superior agave-based spirit. His extensive search ended when he encountered the López Sosa family. Almost immediately both knew they would love teaming up for a new project.
Katarina Becic
Diego Moreno
Katarina works at Ableton, Berlin’s music software company, on an initiative to bring more women into music production. It’s been a couple of years now since the beginning of the project, this talk is about the journey and the current status of gender diversity in music industry. Gender diversity is a hot topic at the moment in many industries and art forms. In music, gender imbalance is especially obvious when it comes to production and sound engineering roles. Awareness of the issue has been raised, but is the shift towards 50:50 split actually happening and how? What are the consequences of these efforts? What is right or wrong in the current approach?