Jenni Roth
Maria Reich
Carsten Rabe
Jenni is a freelance journalist and has been based in Berlin for almost 11 years now. After collecting loads of stories from friends - funny ones, frustrating ones, impertinent ones, offending ones - and after several own online- and offline-dates she was kind of sobered and asked herself: Is there love in Berlin?
Maria I.J. Reich is an improvising musician and researcher based in Berlin. She will present one of her favorite topics at Conversas: the role of improvisation in music. Reich will present how the role of improvisation has changed over the centuries and talk about philosophical and practical approaches to improvisation.
Carsten Rabe (*1975) is a fine-art photographer. He exhibited his photographs in solo and group shows. In his art-works he uses documentary photography to explore the beauty of the ordinary and the present. His motives reflect on our everyday actions and examine people in their living environments.