Laura Sobral
Aine Fujioka
Behzad Nejadghanbar
Laura Sobral is a brazilian urbanist and activist. Since 2007, Laura has been researching and organizing urban interventions and temporary architecture projects in public spaces with the intent of fostering active citizenship by linking culture and city. She is a co-founder of The City Needs You Institute, that improves public spaces by social practices.
Lives and works between Tehran and Berlin. So far he has written for various Iranian and English art magazines while he has been the editor of one of the renowned art publications in Tehran. In 2015, he founded the gallery called Emkan which quickly became one of the most interesting places for contemporary art in Tehran. Having a critical approach toward Iranian art history, Emkan tries to highlight a group of contemporary artists in Iran that have been partly neglected and at the same time presents and promotes younger artists who are preceding the same route. The space tries to provide a dynamic and live ground wherein a dialogue among the artists could happen through their works, collaboration, writings etc. Behzad is curating exhibitions in Emkan and elsewhere and brings international cooperation to Tehran.
Drummer Aine Fujioka, (as the name in Japanese means "love sound = music",) started her musical path in her early age. Since she moved out her hometown Hiroshima at age of 15, she studied and built her career in Osaka, Boston, New York then landed in Berlin in 2015. To help understanding mind and body as a musician, she learned Reiki, IH and Yoga. Now it's time for her to combine all experiences into a theory and share her way to overcome Fear.