Kama Sokolnicka is a polish visual artist, and lives and works in Berlin.
Her works vary in form from collage, object, site-specific interventions, to concrete sculpture. She has participated in many solo and group exhibitions as well as artist-in-residency programs in Europe and USA.
Born in 1984, David Pollmann grew up in a small town in Northwest Germany close to the Netherlands. During his communication design studies at the Folkwang University of the Arts in Essen, he tried out various possibilities to express himself within the field of visual arts. After an Erasmus exchange at the University of Applied Arts Vienna, his work organically became more and more focussed on the human body and movement. He started creating his own discipline in combining both abstract drawing and performance making, in other words: drawings in space. Since then, he has collaborated with dancers and artists from various disciplines mainly to create performance-installations. This brought him to Berlin where he finished a post-graduate program at the Inter-University Centre for Dance Berlin (HZT) two years ago.
Dora Đurkesac is an author in the fields of design, contemporary dance and new media. She graduated Industrial design and New media art in Zagreb, Croatia. During Conversas Đurkesac will share “Missing Artists”, a project/series of virtual exhibitions which could be seen only in specific physical locations. The project offers alternative cultural content inside and around art institutions, but also in public city spaces making it more democratic and approachable. In that way, we are overcoming physical and institutional barriers between art content and audience. The projects is in its research phase and waits for its development and travels. Developed in a collaboration with Karla Paliska and Luka Santrić.
Kama Sokolnicka
David Pollmann
Dora Durkesac
picture credits: Luke Marshall Johnson