Justin Kroesen
Yukihiro Taguchi
Ignacio Reyes
Justin Kroesen works on a photobook about medieval church interiors. Other than is usually thought, the middle ages have been best preserved in luthern churches (and not in catholic ones). Over the last 15 years or so Justin has traveled throughout Germany with his camera looking for churches where the middle ages are still tangible, as if they remain frozen in time.
Taguchi is from Osaka/Japan and based in Berlin since 2005.
Intervening the landscape with his physical body and everyday object, Taguchi creates a stop-motion animation, researching the local culture of a city. His inspiration derives from daily life, unpredictable encounters with objects and people in the streets. His next project is a continuation of his work in Hong Kong from last year. It’s about creating transformation by weaving with found clothing, working with the passerby. This project will simultaneously be developed in Berlin and Hong Kong.
Date: Wednesday September 6
Where: Reinbeckstraße 9, Berlin, Germany 12459
Doors open: 7pm
Dinner served: 7.30pm
Reyes is working on his PhD in physics. His main area of research is quantum gravity. In particular, understanding how quantum mechanics relates to the structure of spacetime, and what role do black holes play in it. He considers elegance to be a guiding principle in the quest for successful theories.