Tinka Bechert
Sebastian Backhaus
Frank Duske
Alongside and intertwined with her painting practice, Tinka Bechert works with scientific institutions. She is interested in the differences and commonalities in artistic and scientific methodologies in order to explore the deep human need for reason as a common driving force- both in the arts and sciences.
The photographic focus of Sebastian Backhaus lies on crises in the Middle East. For years he has been traveling to the regions between Libya and Iraq. Especially Egypt is very close to his heart and therefore he spend several months a year in Cairo. In addition to his photojournalistic work his special interests lies in the Arabic language and the extremist interpretation of the Islam.
After 11 years in the real estate industry Frank Duske has found his small niche, where he cooperates with partners, who are not only obsessed with making more and more money, but want to create sustainable (cultural) values. His interest are mainly historic protected monuments and his projects aim at the creative class in Berlin. Some examples of his projects include 'Silent Green Kulturquartier' and 'Refugium Beelitz'. Together with architects and engineers Frank and his team create concepts for old empty building and try to find investors to transform these concepts into reality.