Paz Ponce (Cádiz, 1985) is a Spanish independent curator based in Berlin. Here she develops experimental approaches to art production and art mediation with municipal institutions and independent centers for art and education. She will introduce #Philopoetics, a pedagogical methodology she developed in projects which stimulate in children a sense of poetry of the every day life, providing them with the technical tools to capture, collect, transform and present that reality. In these projects language is particularly conceived as a playful tool and at the same time, as a synesthetic approach towards life and knowledge.
Heiko Pfreundt is a conceptual artist whose work is focused on the field of space narratives and performative institutions. He studied in the field of art teaching and visual communication and is a graduate from the University of Arts Bremen. He worked at different project spaces, artist residency programmes and institutions in Berlin. Since 2011 he and other artists have been running a performative institutional script called Kreuzberg Pavillon which became the host for weekly shows on every saturday night with over 130 shows and 800 artists and is known as one of the most vivid ideas of contemporary project spaces in Berlin.
Mario Asef studied architecture and art in Argentina, Germany, and England. His work has been exhibited worldwide, most recently at Quartier 21 (Vienna), Kühlhaus Berin (Berlin), Junge Kunst e.V. (Wolfsburg, Germany), Kasa Galerie (Istanbul), Abandoned Gallery (Malmö, Sweden) SSamzie Space (Seoul), Nouvel Organon (Paris). Recent museum exhibitions include Hamburger Kunsthalle, Villa Merkel, Kunstlerhaus Bregenz (Austria), and the Akademie der Künste Berlin. His videos, photographs, sound installations, and interventions in public space deal with architectonic as well as sociopolitical questions and confront issues related to their spatial representability.
With a detached sense of irony they seek to make legible the “immaterial, invisible” architecture of the social sphere.
Heiko Pfreundt
Mario Asef
Paz Ponce