Fabian Geimer-Lorusso
Anne Looss
Jan Rickers / Per Schumann
How can entheogenic master plants support us in living our modern lifestyle?
In which context can medicinal plants be most helpful to us?
Reflections and dialog about the necessity of Phytotherapy.
Anne Looss grew up in Berlin. She studied economics and works as a writer und journalist since 1998, her favourite topics: future, new thinking and cacao. She does energy work since 2003. Since 2010 she is drinking cacao, loving it for its various benefits. She considers it to be an energy turbo for body, mind and spirit. Anne will share with us the history and the various benefits of this ancient, long forgotten medicine plant. The latin name of the plant, Theobroma cacao actually means “Food of the Gods” it helps us to connect on a deeper level with our own inherent power.
Photographer Jan Rickers and artist Per Schumann realized "1000 in Berlin" within 1 year. In the project, „1000 in Berlin“ 1000 portraits of people living in Berlin resp. being connected to Berlin are shown in their colorful, multicultural splendor. From old to young, from the hipster to the stealworker at the flee market, from the homeless man to the 80 year old Lady in Kreuzberg, everyone is represented in this project. The book can be regarded as a declaration of love for humans in their colorful variety and serves as a multi-facetted portrait of our time.