Our life consists of a constant saying good-bye, continually letting go, an everlasting farewell. This means a conscious approach, allowing and expressing all of the feelings and thoughts associated with the loss. The “Trauercafe (Mourning-Cafe)” offers a protected framework in which we can experience and develop this necessary path in a compassionate, solidarity company. It provides an open encounter, the possibility for mourning -accompanied by an experienced mourning companion- to be able to talk and exchange.
Anneliese Basten worked as an educator in a Kindergarten for 12 years while graduating from the university in social pedagogy. She worked 13 years as a pedagog in outpatient living assistance (Wittekindshof Gronau). Anneliese is a professionally trained Mourning-Companion and brought to life the 'Trauercafe' 15 years ago. She has a 2 year experience in spiritual welfare in emergency situations (Kreisdekanat Borken), continues actively as a pensioner to care for children and elderly and is the mother of three grown up children.
Uli Westphal is a visual artist. His works deal with the way humans perceive, depict and transform the natural world. He is especially interested in how misconceptions and ideologies shape our view of nature. In recent years he has focused on the portrayal and transformation of nature through the food industries. He will discuss how misinformation about plants and animals spread throughout history, from the dark ages up to the age of post-enlightenment, and what elephants, carrots and candies have in common, or not.
Svetlana Prigoditch will talk about the production of her collection of wearable art objects, where she connects different mediums such as drawing, collage, performance and 3d techniques.
The works are inspired by organic shapes from nature, the female body and sensual experiences. Svetlana was born and has lived in Belarussia. In 2005 she graduated in media art at ARTEZ Academie in Enschede (NL). Two years later she got her diploma at WdKa Rotterdam as an art teacher. In 2016 after a couple of months studying at premaster Sint Lucas Antwerp, she discovered her new passion.
Anneliese Basten
Uli Westphal
Svetlana Prigoditch