Milos Trakilovic (1989 NL) is an independent artist and researcher. He holds a MFA from the Berlin University of Arts where he graduated in the New Media department. His work engages with increasing processes of digitization on-screen, off-screen and in between focusing on the automation of vision and language following the digital turnover. His practice is underlined by a strong research element and is most often situated within digital media taking on forms of video, performance, texts and lectures. He is going to talk about the challenges facing the production, circulation and reception of art in todays information age addressing the way in which the digital image has redefined our visual culture.
Chan will introduce Minbuk Village, which will be carried out this summer in Migrant-Propaganda Village in DMZ. The focus lays on the relations between the territory and the immigrant that settles down, the materialization of mind during the process of settlement. There are symptoms Chan actually finds and faces in Minbuk Village as a space of hetero-topia where myths and reality exist together.
Chan Sook Choi graduated with a double-major in Visual Communication (Diplom), Experimental Media Arts (Master) and a Meisterschüler degree in Media Art with Prof. Maria Vedder from the University of Arts Berlin.
Her works are exhibited internationally including the National Theater in Korea, the Queens Museum in New York City and the Sacheon Galaxy Contemporary.
Since 2015, She is adjunct professor of Art&Technology at the Hanyang University. 
The Albanian born artist Majla Zeneli studied Graphics at the Academy of Fine Arts in Wroclaw, Poland completing her education with postgraduate studies in Burg Giebichenstein, the University of Art and Design in Halle. She is the initiator and director of Manière Noire, an art space founded in 2011 in Moabit. Whilst very active in the métier of prints and editions Zeneli pursued also literary interests that gradually influenced and altered the program of the space. Since late 2014 Manière Noire has been host of an intriguing series of exhibitions entitled "Appropriating Language", which deal with the occurrence of images seen inseparably from words, twined together visually and substantially, at the same time impacted by social, political and aesthetic issues.
Milos Trakilovic
Chan Sook Choi
Majla Zeneli