Jonny Tiernan is a DJ, Publishier and Editor & Chief of LOLA Mag. LOLA is an English-language cultural magazine that brings the spirit of Berlin to the page and web through in-depth interviews, features, exciting recommendations and news. Exploring music, art, cinema, theatre, and much more, LOLA tells the stories of Berlin’s most fascinating people, events, and places, helping its readers to discover the best of the city. Tiernan will share with us the importance of print and how print can survive within the new media.
The Münsterländer Borsdorfer Jörg Kösters thrives well on sandy to loamy soils and after several years of mouth mourning in the Czech Republic he is now roated in the edible Leipzig. Trained in geography and communication, he can not communicate with dolphins until today, but thanks to a stable network connection and pronounced fructophilia, he is useful for the local mundraub-communities. Do you like trips and wonder what edibles grow in your very surrounding? Mundraub community platform aims at discovering fruits, berries and herbs and shares tools conceiving landscape as possibility space for all senses. Taking a closer look at plant life through the practice of joint harvest, processing and eating.
Pablo Martinez Ruiz will share with us his knowledge and experiences about wine. Wine can be many things, a pleasure, a career, history, a way of life... But above all its something that is alive and makes us feel. During the last decades most of the wine lost its authencity trying to please everyone and a growing market. Modern techniques and chemicals started to design wine in a more artificial way in order to make it "perfect". But, what is perfection? Who is perfect in this world? Natural wine has come, naked, without make up, imperfect and wild to bring new experiences to our lives. Be curious, be adventurous, come and discover it.
Jonny Tiernan
Jörg Kösters
Pablo Martinez Ruiz