Valeria Fahrenkrog and Erik Göngrich
Valeria and Erik are presenting the MITKUNSTZENTRALE - a place of encounter, exchange, jointly developed knowledge, production and collection, sharpening of concept, an cooperation on (climate-sensitive) artistic objects and spaces in the Haus der Materialisierung, part of Haus der Statistik. We are working on a collective developed space, which, together, with a wood workshop, showroom, open-air-oven, discourse and exhibition rooms, is now located at the Haus der Statistik and is so for the future!
Urs Kumberger
As partner of Teleinternetcafe the work of Urs Kumberger operates at the interface of architecture and urban design. It is characterized by process-oriented strategies, cooperative approaches and an experimental approach to typologies. An intensive engagement with each place provides the starting point for the search for open forms of the city.
Andréas Lang
The work of Andreas Lang reveals the different layers of history, mythology and the present, to create a narrative image. A form of visual archaeology, at times blending or colliding with immanent social, political and ecological realities. In this way the picture also becomes a place for the imaginary and projection. It appears at times like a stage or filmset, pending in limbo somewhere between reality and imagination, past and present.