Stefan Heinrich Ebner
Stefan is a 'Bildarchitekt' and seems to be as concerned about conversation as Conversas Berlin.
Kati Gausmann and Ricarda Mieth
msk7 is a Berlin artist group that mainly creates temporary events in public space. The group has been working together since 2004. (All members once studied Fine Arts at the Wei├čensee Academy of Art Berlin.) Their most recent project RESIDENZPFLICHT awards 10 one-month residency scholarships to international artists for living and working in 10 different Berlin refugee accommodations.
Jonas Merold, Isis-Victoria Rampf
Sun Seeker e.V. has built an urban gardening lab and garden community at Haus der Statistik. From workshops from beet to table, to testing aquaponic systems to an artistic approach to cultivating mushrooms, they are testing how to create green spaces for the combination of food, culture and community in the city.