Rosanna Lovell and Jürg Meister
Freie Radios Berlin is made up of several independent radio collectives; StudioAnsage, CoLaboRadio and PiRadio. FRB make independent community-focused radio and this year they constructed a new central studio at Haus der Statistik.
Contanza Rossi
The latin architect Costanza Rossi has focused the past years on critically reviewing housing, analyzing it from a feminist perspective. In 2020, single-family and one-person houses are still mainly built in the West and in Westernized areas. These housing formats impede us from sharing reproductive work, such as cooking, cleaning, caring, raising, etc.
Max Friedrich
For several years Max has been active in the fight against climate change. He studied International Politics in the Netherlands, France and Germany and has worked in various organisations in the field of climate policy. To combat climate change, he believes, we have to change the rules of our economic system - and it may be simpler than you think. Besides racking his head on the current climate emergency, Max likes to chase the sun or delve into the world of music.