Rolf Kemnitzer
Peter Mitchell
Eva Bakardjiev
Eva Bakardjiev is a Somatic Coach. The past turbulent month inspired her to dive into a curious exploration of the attitude, quality, and the embodied state of curiosity. It can be a game-changer when it comes to shifting stress and regulating our nervous system to reawaken our ability to be interested and learn, be receptive, responsive, and innovative.
Rolf Kemnitzer, born 1964, is trying to live in Berlin. He is in love with theatre and has had his best and worst experiences there. Since 2018 he has an affair with contemporary drama which is, like most affairs, not that easy.
Lernlabor is a Berlin-based social business that creates innovative educational projects. Through their local and international activities, they foster (inter)cultural exchange and experiential learning. During Conversas he will talk, among other things, about the local initiative Café Bamako, a place for West African culture in Berlin.