Kurt Bille
Amanda-Li Kollberg and Siri Lee Lindskrog
Katharina Wendler
Kurt is a purified economist and disguised artist. Now he tries to successfully combine both with the unclouded optimism that you can find in a puppy’s eyes to create more public awareness and appreciation for the arts and crafts as a gallerist of the 21 st century. But the struggle is real.
Studio jetzt-immer is a Berlin based design studio focused on editorial design and typography-driven graphic design, rooted in the belief that design is a social and political practice. The studio is founded and run by Danish/Swedish designers Amanda-Li Kollberg and Siri Lee Lindskrog.
__in conversation with__ is an exhibition format aiming at bringing people together through conversation and subsequent collaboration. Artists are invited to engage in dialogue with curators, authors, other artists, art historians, journalists or scientists and to develop an exhibition from it. The conversations are documented in writing, serving as text material accompanying the exhibition. They enable visitors to develop a deeper understanding of the artists’ methods and of the artworks.

__in conversation with__ is based on the premise that it is the artists themselves who can best provide information about their works, their methods, their ideas and inspirations. One simply needs to ask. The curatorial project was initiated in early 2018 by Katharina Wendler in Berlin and is guest of various (project) spaces.