Immanuel Rohringer
Giuseppe Sambataro
Anna Buttignol & Vincenzo Marzotti
Immanuel Rohringer is a nativ Berliner back in town. He is an artist and researcher looking for an holistic lifestyle. Works with body and mind. So he checks the borders and tries to understand why? He draws with the sewing machien. In black light you can see another side of the works.
Giuseppe is an Italian lawyer and a freelance journalist, mainly working in the fields of criminal, migration and labor law. In Berlin, he is currently dealing with cases of international criminal law and human rights violations. As a criminal defense attorney, he is often asked how he can defend criminals.
Anna Buttignol, born in Friuli, psychologist and psychotherapist. She offers individual and couple therapy in her private practice in Berlin, where she has been living since 2011.
Vincenzo Marzotti, roman, economist. In 2013 starts an enterprise in Berlin organizing cultural events with focus on live music and photo exhibitions. Through years develops a deep knowledge of Sicily.