Juliana Rivas
“Vasts archives of digital memories are being generated every time, everywhere, by every electronic device. We store them in hard drives, we use the cloud to save them, pretending they are going to last forever, pretending we will never forget that day, that love, that sunset once is transferred.”
Matilde Bassetti is a parttime babysitter and a full-time mover, born in Florence, she has been living across different places in Italy. In 2017 she bought a one-way ticket to Berlin giving some distance to the relationship she had with her country. With her artistic practice, she investigates how performativity communicates with our daily life, letting our basic needs to be again at the center of the art speech. She is inspired by everyday habits, silliness, and vulnerability of human beings. At the moment her needs are : digital connection, trash culture, clubbing, love, Vietnamese food
Juliana Rivas is an activist involved and interested in many Latin American struggles. Studied sociology in Chile and a Master on Urban Studies in Berlin. Has worked in different public institutions in Chile in areas related to sociourban issues. Participates in the political group Bloque Latinoamericano Berlin and in the political commission of Cabildo Berlin, a self-organized assembly that works to support the Chilean rebellion. Has participated in feminist groups in Punta Arenas, Chile and in Berlin, Germany.
Matilde Bassetti
Diana Sirriani & Susi Rosenbohm
W*MAIPS is a female* street performance collective/open platform in Berlin that connects dance, theatre, music, visual art and activism. Our focus is to play, question and change the interactions in the public space. We come from different artistic backgrounds, we share an intersectional feminist queer perspective and practices of embodiment.